Types of Wallpaper Borders

Options may vary when deciding what type of Wallpaper Border you want to install on your wall. There are several types to choose from so it is always advisable to do a little research before making any decisions. Wallpaper Borders can be divided into three main types depending on what and if pre-coated adhesive is used to hang the paper – Self Adhesive, Pre-pasted and Non-pasted Wallpaper borders.

Self Adhesive and Pre-pasted Borders are pre-coated so you don’t need to buy additional glue or adhesive. While Pre-pasted Border needs a commercial activator or liquid to activate the paste, with Self-Adhesive, all you need to do is peel off the plastic covering in the back. Non-pasted wallpaper Borders are not pre-coated so you’ll need additional paste or adhesive to stick it on the wall.

There are also other numerous types of Wallpaper Borders. For example, Laminated Wallpaper borders – those that have decorative surfaces attached to a fabric or paper backing. They may or may not be pre-coated. Subtypes include Grasscloth, Cloth-backed Vinyl and Solid Sheet Vinyl. Laminated Wallpaper Borders can be very expensive.

Semi-transparent wallpaper Borders have light background colors which can be useful for rooms with lesser lighting. Scrubbable wallpaper borders have vinyl or solid vinyl surfaces so that they can be cleaned more vigorously, advisably with mild soap.

Wallpaper Borders can also be categorized depending on removal methods. For instance, peelable or strippable wallpaper borders can be easily removed from the wall by stripping away the front and middle layers exposing the backing material. The exposed backing is then soaked with warm water or commercial activator and then scraped from the wall.


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